New Released downloands from "The Soloist" : "Mystery Train" a jams session with David Paul's full band with great solos from the horns to a Dobro to a fiddle. Arranged by David Paul with some great new chops for you fingerstyle lovers! "Karma Chameleon" a single string arrangement done on a Del Vecchio Guitar. From the classic toon by Boy George in the mid 80s, David stayed pretty much to the original arrangement. He added a Dobro to accompany him and switched to electric at the end for quite a different sound. You would never think it would never work on fingerstyle but it does. Brings back many memories i'm sure you will enjoy this one. In the middle David uses an echo to sustain and gives it a very classy feel. "Year of The Cat" a haunting melody from Al Stewart in the mid 70s this song features great guitar work from acoustic to rock and sax. David decided to use the Del Vecchio again to create a mysterious sound along with passionate ghost bends. In the original there is an acoustic guitar solo in the middle. David does a very similar solo then takes it up severl notches and makes it his own! Truly a classic for guitar lovers and a great arrangement!

The Soloist


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