Jelixa is a Pop, House, Techno, Rock, and Funk recording artist sensation, born in Brooklyn, New York, and now residing in Texas. She has a unique sound of “Beta Music” that consists of a variety of styles and genres composed into a unique fusion of contemporary sounds. Jelixa is a treat to hear and watch perform live. Her music is hot and sassy with miles of sweet grrrl swagger. Overall, Jelixa’s lush music and sassy vocals exude a cool urban vibe perfect for TV and Film, high fashion, catwalks, and miles of romantic BF problems. Jelixa - The hot new "Beta Music" songs; Pop, House, Techno, Rock & Funk. Music that will keep you on the edge.

My Beta Music


All MP3 Downloads encoded at 320 kbps unless otherwise specified.

Track List
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 You Got Me Getting Excited
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 Egotistic
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 What You Need to Know
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 I Like to Rock It My Way
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 If You Love Me
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 Are You the One for Me (Extended Mix)
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 Jelixa's Funk
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 I Know I Got It Like This (Radio Mix)
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 My Fantasy
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 Bootcamp
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 I'm Stepping Out
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 Are You the One for Me (Radio Mix)
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 This Xmas
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 Cancer I Don't Want You Here
  • MP3 $0.99 WAV $1.99 Are You the One for Me (Tezandtras)