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Madoca's latest release, “Illusion of Love,” is produced by award-winning producer, Bob Baldwin, and showcases the growth and maturity of this very talented Japanese/American International performer. Her style is smooth, as evidenced in the title track, but it can also heat up and explode on rhythmic songs like "Picadillo" and her sizzling remix of “Jasmine.” On beautiful ballads like "Sentimentally Yours" and "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise," she holds her own in an acoustic piano setting. Here;re some of Reviews on ILLUSION OF LOVE CD: Always loving the music of writer - composer - pianist Madoca Kawahara. After watching her live for many years in Atlanta, she one of the great pianist composers in smooth jazz today. Madoca hit all keys on this latest project from riding high, to he smooth silky grooves it's truly one to purchase for your collection. The Jazzman of Ssassy Radio Worldwide. ---- I found this cd "Illusion Of Love" by jazz keyboardist Madoca Kawahara to have many mood enhancement songs and fully believe she won't stay a possible hidden gem to the genre much longer. With fellow keyboardist Bob Baldwin as the producer, you already know what's coming. From the opening track "Surrender" you want to get into a relaxing groove as Madoca lays down some outstanding chops. Not to be outdone "On The Beach" is so smooth, I wouldn't mind driving 4 hours in traffic to find the water while listening to it as well. The title track "Illusion Of Love" is a real feel good song and one that is now in my rotation of uplifting tunes. These are just a couple comments, please put this cd in your music cart; I'm glad I did. by Derrick Hooks ---- I love this CD! Madoca is an amazing pianist and her collection of songs are brilliant! I also saw her perform live and her beautiful personality comes through in her music! You should definitely add this CD to your collection for those of you who love jazz and solo piano!! by Tam Tunes ----

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