20 TRACK COMPILATION of DEIROB's introduction in writing, producing, and performing EDM music. Genre style range: Electronic, Experimental, Dubstep,Techno, House, Electro, Trance, Pop, B Boy, Hip Hop, Industrial, etc. All tracks were live freestyle recordings in the studio by DEIROB. His main goal was to give listeners live performance feel with his own personal selection of sounds and loops. He DJ'd his own production work to finalize his goal of creating a product that does not consist of samples of other artists' published work. DEIROB's ultimate goal was to maintain the purity and rawness of vibes created and express his music through live DJ presentation and recording. Full album special price of $8.99 for all 20 tracks @ AMAZON Music CD or MP3 Download Full album special price of $9.99 for all 20 tracks @ iTunes | Beats Music | Google Play| Mp3 Download



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