ALBUM "NEW FOLDER" : Note that the Shortest Title lasts more than 05 minutes and that the longest more than 30 minutes and that the entire Album lasts about 04 hours and includes 12 totally improvised songs. Even if the tracks are long, listen to them to the end, it is worth it and this without pretentions none, it often ends in FIRE OF ARTIFICE !!! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE GOOD SPEAKERS, CONNECT A HELMET AND ADJUST THE VOLUME ACCORDING TO YOUR PREFERENCE. FINALLY, I KNOW THAT I HAVE NOT USED NOT "REVERB", SO IF YOU DO NOT LIKE OR IF YOU LIKE TOO MUCH, LOW VOLUME. All the Titles of this Album have been entirely realized, written, composed, arranged, played and interpreted by Me, Alone, and all this, All Alone, in My Modest and Small Recording Studio at Me in the heart of the HLM My Little Village



All MP3 Downloads encoded at 320 kbps unless otherwise specified.

Track List
  • Buy MP3 $0.49 Intro (Improvisation)
  • Buy MP3 $0.63 Birds, Guitar and Noise (Improvisation)
  • Buy MP3 $0.56 Just before Summer (Improvisation)
  • Buy MP3 $0.68 Something Better in My Life (Improvisation)
  • Buy MP3 $0.63 Hiver 2008
  • Buy MP3 $0.49 Psychose
  • Buy MP3 $0.68 Un Homme (Short Version)
  • Buy MP3 $0.53 Toujours Pareil
  • Buy MP3 $0.40 Plus rien Devant (Improvisation)
  • Buy MP3 $0.49 La Javanaise (Reprise)
  • Buy MP3 $0.00 Ni Béton, Ni Carré (Improvisation)
  • Buy MP3 $0.49 Obsession (Dangereuse)